Fix Startup Menu to Speed up Your Computer

If you are looking for ways to really boost up the speed of your computer you need to make sure you implement all the possible ways to complete this process. One option for this is job is to speed up the pc using the start menu options and these tweaks are application for laptop computers with Windows XP or Vista operating system only.

Go to Start > Run > msconfig

In the System Configuration Utility you need to click on the ‘Startup’ Tab which has a list of all the programs and applications which are going to start when you start your computer and once you login to the operating system. Move the ‘Location’ tab to the right by dragging it and try to increase the size of ‘Startup Item’ & ‘Command’ tabs in order to know the program details correctly with full information shown in the Utility.

You need to first understand which program is really important and which programs can be disabled from running on restart. Make sure you dont disable the most important programs like explorer.exe or any Antivirus Software’s because that can lead to shut down of Antivirus software’s after which your PC can be easily attacked as it becomes vulnerable to attacks.

One suggested approach would be to Google all these Startup Item names in order to get more detailed information on them and once you understand the use of them you can decide to whether disable or enable these programs. Sometimes these program names are not correctly given and you need to make sure you search in Google with the right spelling, because at times a virus can also run at Startup of your PC with the program name being the same but with a Caps Lock Mode.

You need to click on Close in order to complete this process and activate the new changes. Following this you will get a dialog box with a option to ‘Restart’ or ‘Exit Without Restart’. Once the PC restarts you will be shown with a option to continue with the System Configuration Tool and lauch it whenever PC starts again.