Get Your Blog Indexed by Yahoo and Google Real Fast

google-reader_logoThe best source of targeted traffic to your blog is still the natural traffic provided by the search engines. If your blog is new, getting indexed by Yahoo and Google takes time and a lot of effort.

Constantly updating your blog is necessary to attract the search engine spiders. But there is one trick that can be done to get your blog indexed really fast. You may be surprised that Yahoo may do it in one hour. Google can in as fast as 15minutes.

Here’s how. You must have your real simple syndication feed ( RSS ). I prefer using the one provided by I won’t discuss feedburner anymore. Getting an account is so simple.

For Yahoo:

  1. Access your My Yahoo page. If you’re not using a yahoo mail, get one.
  2. On “My Main Tab” click the “add content” link.
  3. Click the “Add RSS Feed” link at the bottom.
  4. Type or paste the exact link provided by feedburner, NOT your blog url.
  5. Click “Add” and you’re done.

If you’re lucky, you will immediately see your feed, the name of your blog and the titles of your posts.

If not, be patient. Try again after an hour. The worst is it may take up to a day.

When you have successfully added your feed to your My Yahoo, you will get an added bonus. Google will follow and index your blog. If you need to be sure, do the same for Google reader. Get a gmail account, look for the “reader” link.  Same principle applies.


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