Earn Some Extra Money By Sharing Images

Earn Money

There are many sites on internet which pays user to share images and they pay like 1$ for 1000 views its random not fixed so its changing time by time.

For Starting Let me start with 2 sites which i have been using from sometime now they are Adult Image Host so beware before opening it but both pays good and i have verified it too

This is a new site but have paid many people and their rates of paying are 1.00$ For Each 1000 Image Views.
The good thing about this site is we dont have to wait for a week for payments,when we reach 3000 points then we can request pay off and its instant too.
Another great feature of ImagePorter is that they dont have too much ads comparing other sites.

This is very old site and i have been using this in starting their rates of paying are 0.5 USD when signup and 1.00$ per 909 visitors,but the bad thing about them is that they have many ads.

-Both Have Paypal as Payment option
-Both are adult image host
-Both have divided traffic in 3 tiers you can check site for more info.

Happy Earnings :)

Access Hidden Regional Themes in Windows 7

Windows 7 offers you location specific Aero themes based on the language and location you pick during installation. Here we will take a look at accessing other hidden themes from different countries.

When you first start the Windows 7 installation the first thing you will do is select a language, time and currency format. This is where Windows determines what themes you’re presented with by default.

Being from the US I’m presented with location specific themes from the United States with desktop backgrounds such as scenery from Maine, Idaho, Oregon etc.

To access the other international themes copy and paste the following path into the search box and hit Enter.


In the MCT folder you will find additional themes for Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Great Britain.

You can go in and grab just the Wallpapers…

Or go into the Theme folder double click on the the thumbnail to add it.

Here you can see I added all of them and now they will be available under the My Themes section for when you want to change them around.

This is a neat little trick that will let you customize Windows 7 with hidden themes already available. Also if you want to get more themes head over to the Microsoft site.