Quick Money Making Guide – Start Earning in Minutes

Let me tell you a little bit about myself as some of you don’t know me or no little about who i am or what i do. I have been involved in Internet Marketing for at least 8 years and have made a very good income from it.

What i really enjoy about Internet Marketing compared to a dead end job (had my fair share of shit jobs) is you can potentially make money 24/7. I also really enjoy teaching people on making money online and have helped many people with my knowledge, my brother for instance started an Online Business with big competition here in the UK and with my help he is now the biggest raking in just over £40k/month.

Now i specialise in Niche Markets and promote many different products on Clickbank, the great thing about promoting other peoples products is it requires very little effort on your part and the profits are at a maximum. I also run many sites on Clickbank so can tell you which products are best to promote.

If i were to give you any advice for making money on Clickbank it would be to do your home work on the Niche.




First of all – Signup at Clickbank

For those of you who have never used Clickbank you should be :), it’s basically a web site dedicated to the selling of digital products ie eBooks. The great thing about Clickbank is its Marketplace as this is where you can find out which products convert the best and can make you some serious money.

The products on Clickbank that appeal to me have a Recurring Membership Plan which means you consistantly earn money every month from referring a customer to that program.

For Example:

The 3 marked above all run a Recurring Subscription plan so if you can refer just 10 Customers you could be making $1000+ / month

Now my favorite method for making money on Clickbank is PPC using Google Adwords and Adbrite etc

Obviously this is a bad idea if you have no money to start with and ill discuss free methods a bit later but i do reccomend you give Adwords a go as you can get targetted traffic in minutes.

My Favorite PPC Tool is – http://www.google.com/sktool/#keywords

It basically tells you exactly how many searches a keyword gets, as well as the competition.

So how can this Tool help?

Let’s say you want to promote a Weight Loss Product on Clickbank, you have picked a site that you wish to promote and now you just need your keywords. Now the Weight Loss Niche is extremely competitive and i have wasted a lot of money on PPC (Pay Per Click) promoting the top selling sites in this Niche on Clickbank.

Type in “Weight Loss” and you will see the following:

Now as you can see by using this Tool you get a great breakdown of the most popular keywords relating to Weight Loss so you get the idea of monthly searches, price for your PPC Campaigns etc

You can obviously see how expensive by the Suggested Bid tab and competitive weight loss keywords are by the Competition tab. Now if i were to promote a weight loss product, i would not use the keyword weight loss as i would end up spending over a £1 a click.

I would however look at other words that could convert for example:

So now we have 3 keywords that are reasonably prices and get a decent ammount of searches, see how easy it is? Don’t waste time competing for the big keywords as your more than likely either competing with the people who run the actual program who are making millions or some other rich guys who spend $1000’s a day on adwords promoting other peoples products.

I would aim for at least 12 keywords that are low-medium competition with a decent Bid Price.


Now the following is what will seperate you from an average joe wasting money on Adwords. Google runs a points scheme when it comes to Adwords which are dependant on three things …

Keyword Relevancy

Make sure your Keywords match the Ads

Landing Page Quality

Make sure the Landing Page is layed out correctly, landing page being the page which whoever clicks on the Ad ends up

Landing Page Load Time

Not a major factor but if you run the landing page on a slow server you can get penalised

Why should i care about this points scheme?

Well the main reason is that you pay less on your keywords with a higher rating! So if you spend time making your campaigns you can save a lot of money trust me.

Ok now you want to aim for 6 Ads for those 12 keywords, the reason you want a 1:2 ratio for Ads to Keywords is so that Google can target your Ads to the keywords much more effectively and if your Ad gets displayed for relevant keywords you much more likely to get a lower Impression:Click Ratio which also reduces the price you pay on your keywords. I would suggest making 3 different Ad Groups for this Campaign so you can seperate your keywords into categories e.g fitness, weight loss so you do not get confused.

The Ads you make must be related to the keywords you have chosen preferably in the Title and Body of the Ad and if its included in the Display URL then your Points will go up too which means you pay less again!

You could start a PPC campaign now using the above methods and make some money but if you are serious about PPC then i suggest you do the following.

Use KeywordSpy

I have been a member of KeywordSpy for about a month now and i can’t reccomend it enough. The fantastic thing about this web site is that you can find the best keywords to use in your PPC Campaigns and your Free Campaigns ie Articles and you can see which keywords have the best ROI (Return on Investment).

Let me show you how i use KeywordSpy:

I first find a high gravity web site on the Clickbank Marketplace for the Niche im interested in promoting so for this Guide lets say Weight Loss again.

Now the top converting sites for Weight Loss on Clickbank are www.fatloss4idiots.com and www.fatburningfurnace.com so lets try the 2nd one.

I type in fatburningfurnace.com as the “Domain” in KeywordSpy and i get the following data after clicking on the “More Ad Copies” Button and then sorting it by top ROI (Return on Investment).

Now i have a list of the top 5 Best Converting Ads for Google Adwords and Adbrite, i have the top 5 keywords which convert best to sales and i have search volume and price all in one go.

This saves so much time on your part as you can “copy” other peoples campaigns which are making them money, you can export the keywords straight from KeywordSpy to an excel file and then you can create your Ads straight away.

This is how the big boys make $10,000-$20,000/week by using the Top Converting Keywords and Ads at the most competitive prices for maximum profit.

Let me show you a quick example of a Campaign im running with Adwords which was made from KeywordSpy promoting Maverick Money Makers.

My Main Campaign is 4 different Ad Groups so in this guide ill be showing you one of them which is the above, i have 5 different Ads and the following keywords.

I created a decent list of keywords as shown above and simply split tested each set of keywords for the best results.

I then created a landing page for the Maverick Money Makers which is basically a review of the Product itself.

Hope you have learnt something from this little guide because i know how hard it is to get success from PPC especially with Google Adwords because of the competition.


Adbrite is an alternative PPC solution that is much cheaper but gives near enough the same results ie targetted traffic that converts.

Firstly Create an Account at Adbrite

Once you have done that, login and click For Advertisers > New Campaign and you should see.

I use Banner Ads on Adbrite as they seem to convert best. Now if i were to make a Weight Loss campaign i would use the following settings:

You can enter specific Keywords for even better targetting but for the sake of this Guide ill keep it as simple as possible. Notice how i targetted United States? Probably the most obese nation in the world so a lot more people are looking for weight loss solutions, i also selected Categories which i feel are most likely related to this Niche. I also targetted Female only as after running my own weight loss product on Clickbank 95% of my customers were Female and in those age brackets.

Click the “Set Budget” Button when you have done the above and you will see.

Now the Default Max CPC Bid is $0.96 and i have increased this to $0.99 which means my Ads should appear more than the average ad on Adbrite’s network. You will not always be paying $0.99 a click, this is simply a guidline for what you are willing to pay up to per click.

Click Next: Enter Ads and you will see.

Notice the sizes to the right? These are the Sizes supported on the Adbrite Network so check the Affiliate Page of the Product you wish to promote and get a banner for each of those sizes if they are available, if not contact them and ask for some.

Simply Upload the Image and enter your Destination URL (Your Clickbank Hop Link). Then Confirm your Order and your ready to go. Adbrite approve every Ad Campaign so you will have to wait for it to be approved.

If you are trying PPC on either Adwords or Adbrite and you follow this guide i guarantee you will get success, always try to research low-medium competition keywords and you will come across some real gems which make you fantastic money.

Good Luck

Credits to Original Author H3X