Windows Phone Winning Market Share Slowly But Steadily

2013 has already seen a lot of new mobile devices that have come out through Mobile World Congress 2013 and Consumer Electronics Show 2013. The biggest releases that we have seen this year till date in 2013 would be that of the Sony Xperia Z, LG Optimus G Pro, Asus Padfone Infinity, HTC One and the most awaited mobile of 2013- Samsung Galaxy SIV. All of these run the Android Operating System. One might wonder why Android is the largest selling OS in the market and yes it is because it is very user friendly, best platform for developers and lots of features. But the reason to this is because every other smartphone is powered by Android. iOS by Apple does carry a good competition to Android in countires like USA, Great Britain, but in this fight for the top, it is safe to say Windows Phone 8 would said to be 3rd best and is up and rising. This article tells you why.

Talking about the first quarter of 2013- Android holds 49.3% smartphone sales and iOS holds 43.7% behind the iOS. Windows Phone is placed at 3rd with 5.6% sales but the largest gain out of the three compared to the same time last year. Andriod has actually slipped in sales comparing same time last year and on the contrary Windows Phone has continued to rise. It is also shown that 52% of people who were switching from feature phone to smartphone chose Windows Phone 8 over iOS and Andriod. People who bought iOS and Andriod were previous users of smartphones. Even though Windows Phone 8 shows small percentage of sales, it has gained the most market sales compared to last year’s situation. Nokia has jumped from 4% sales on WP to 9%, this growth is mere compared to that of Andriod and iOS. In India, Windows Phone 8 has outsold iOS devices!

Why Windows Phone 8?

People who are bored of how the home screen works for both the iOS and the Andriod, the same listing of apps, the lock screen and everything else- Windows Phone 8 comes as a breath of fresh air. The interactive live tiles are certainly unique and you will enjoy to play with them. Change their sizes, see them role and give you a different story as the time goes by, social networking on the go and lots more.

In today’s world, social networking is a big part of our lives. Windows Phone 8 is deeply integrated with your social networking websites and your lives. The best part is, if you want to message someone via Facebook or via SMS or send something via Twitter, you can do all of this from your contacts. Its simple and its easy.

Windows Phone 8 really reflects the person you are. You can see the live tiles of the person and you know what they care about and what they really love. Multitasking with Windows Phone is also an easy affair. The Internet Explorer 10 is so far one of the fastest mobile internet browsers.

The main reason why you buy WP8- YOU HATE LAG.

Does it have all the applications?

We buy a smartphone for the apps they have, and Microsoft has made available some wonderful apps. I wont say it has “all” of them, but yes all the necessary apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, they are all available. Microsoft had opened the Windows Phone App store with just an iota compared to that of number in iOS and Android and that was 75,000 apps and now they have grown to 150,000+ apps within no time. People had complaints that the Instagram app was not available, but no worries now. It has been released. Previously the YouTube App opened a webpage of YouTube but now a dedicated app is up and running.

Games like Angry Birds, Asphalt 5, Temple Run, they are all there.

The unique feature of every app on Windows Phone is its accessibility. Take the Facebook app, it takes a little more time to load compared to that in iOS and Andriod but once its up, you don’t need to load anything again, swipe across and you go to different sections of Facebook, your timeline, your news feed, messages, photos, everything! It seems like magic.

Windows Phone 8 has some exclusive apps, when you buy a Nokia Lumia you enter the beneficial and the most precise world of HERE Maps, HERE Drive and Nokia Music. I was really blown away by Nokia Music, as the music goes on, a camera roll slide show is running on the background, swipe across and you will be shown info about the artist, latest photos, their latest tweets etc. This is music exploration to another level.

Windows Phone 8 is here to stay and its just going to get better with time. Everyone should try it out. If you are bored of Android and iOS, then this is your thing. You’re OS. You have to experience it to believe it. Being a little over the top I would even like to say maybe someday it will slip to number 1 ahead of iOS and Android.

Facebook Replaces Black Photo Viewer, Photos Are Bigger Too

Facebook has been busy this week, making a lot of changes. The latest in line is upgrade in photos.

The first change is related to resolution of photos, which are being shared. You can now share photos that are up to 960 pixels wide (up from 720 pixels) and photos will load twice as fast. Photos that you have already uploaded to Facebook will be displayed at the higher resolution too.

Facebook 960 pixels Photos








The next change is related to photo viewer, most of you might like it. Facebook has replaced its highly criticized black lightbox with a more pleasing white Lightbox. By moving to from a black to a white background, opening photos from the mostly white news feed should be less jarring. This could reduce fatigue from rapidly dropping in and out of the photo viewer and keep users browsing the site for longer.

Facebook Replaces Black Photo Viewer









What you think about the changes? Let us know.

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Too much Spam on Facebook: HOW TO Stay Safe & Avoid Spam

avoid facebook spam

So we eat on Facebook, We love on Facebook, We Fight on Facebook, We upload pics on Facebook, We plan Event on Facebook….We Love Facebook. But of late we also get & forward(knowingly or unknowingly) Spam on Facebook. We all hate SPAM so here are few tips that will help us reduce the chances of getting & forwarding spam on Facebook. Stay safe & Spam free

If it is too good to be True, It is Untrue (Common Sense)

First thing first, Facebook doesn’t track profile visitors, All Profile Visitors Apps are fake.  OMG! Look at this, Oh! Boy you stalked me come see my “special pics” & things like that should ring warning bells in your head. Check if same message is getting posted on many friends & if many are getting Tagged(in pics or post), 95% of times common sense is all you need to avoid Spam

Never run any Script in your browser, No matter what it Claims To Do

A Script may claim to take out genie from a bottle, GIve you free iPad 5, make you millionaire….or simply Track your visitors, Find people having crush on you. While you are running that Script waiting for Genie to come out it is spamming your friends wall, messages, Chat messages etc. DON’T USE THEM

chat message forward click

Use Website Rating Application/Extension

Using good anti-malware, anti-phishing extensions will make not just Facebook but your overall Online experience safer. There are many Antivirus or Internet Security softwares that have them. My favorite among free ones is WOT, it supports almost all major browsers & Operating Systems.

wot free extension

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Never Click on Short URLS

Always check where you are headed when you click on short URLs. Use sites like (It has Chrome extension) or Download Extension from here for Firefox. Again, it makes not just Facebooks but your overall online experience better & safer.


short to long url

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