Panda Internet Security 2012 | 3 Month License

About the product:
panda internet security 2012 free license

Protect Your Online World with the new Panda Internet Security 2012.
Protection for your Family. The new Panda Internet Security 2012 is a security suite that allows you to use the Internet for anything, like shopping and banking online, with total peace of mind and without any interruption.
It protects you from viruses, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all the other known and unknown threats.
In addition, it keeps your inbox spam-free, and allows you to browse the web privately and securely with the entirely new Panda Safe Browser.
With the Parental Control, your children can browse the Internet safely.

Maximum Protection
The Panda Cloud Technology offers a new protection model based on the user community where everybody contributes. Your computer will always be updated, always protected. Your computer won’t limit the detection capacity because the large virus detection database is located on the Internet (Cloud).

Minimum Impact
Because the database on the cloud, not in your PC, the resource consumption is dramatically reduced. The protection is light and the performance impact is the minimum.

panda cloud antivirus free

Easy to use

The product interface is advanced and intuitive for all kinds of users. You will find all what you need in an easy to use interface, providing all the needed information in just a click

How to get Panda Internet Security 2010 License free for three months?

Microsoft is running a promotion & giving away license for three months to all. You need to download from here (Click on Download Free*)

You only need to install the exe & it will be ready for three months without any registration code.

[Free] PDFZilla-Powerful PDF Converter [Limited Time]

pdfzilla free registration code

PDFZilla is a powerful Windows application that allows you to convert PDF files to many filetypes in very simple way. You can convert PDF to Word in only three clicks. Also,

  • Editable – Edit Your PDF Documents In MS Word!
  • Easily – Convert PDF To Word Document Just In Only 3 Clicks.
  • High Quality – Convert PDF To Word with ALL text and Graphical Data.
  • Page Selection – Convert Selected Pages of PDF File To Word document.
  • Over 20 Languages Supported – Besides English, PDFZilla Also supports German, French, Spanish, Italian and all Unicode Language PDF Files.
  • Batch Mode – Convert More Than 10,000,000 PDF Files to Word Documents at One Time.

PDFZilla Screenshot

PDFZilla Key Features

Convert PDF to Word
Convert PDF to Word with all text and Graphical data.
Convert PDF to RTF
Convert PDF to Rich Text Files. You can edit all text and graphic by Windows Wordpad.
Convert PDF to TXT
Convert PDF to plain text files. You can edit text by Notepad.
Convert PDF to Images
Convert PDF to BMP, JPG, GIF or TIF files.
Convert PDF to HTML
Convert PDF to HTML files and automatically generate the Index file.
Convert PDF to SWF
Convert PDF to Shockwave Flash Animation files which can be published on websites.
Page Selection
Convert all the pages, or partial pages of PDF file.
Easy to use software
Add a PDF File -> Select the Output File Format -> Click on Start Converting button, then just have a cup of coffee :)

PDFZilla is giving away free license key till 5 February,2011. So make use of this great giveaway today

Use Registration Code:


You can Download yours from here

[FREE] Wanna play DJ? Virtual DJ lets you do just that

There is a small party going on and you want to play DJ, mix music and make people move. Can’t find a software that helps you do that effectively? Don’t look any further as Virtual DJ has a free version for home users that allows them to mix music effectively & easily

virtual dj free home edition

Details about Virtual DJ:

VirtualDJ features everything you need for imaginative performance and mixing:

  • Two virtual decks for loading audio and video tracks, short clips and karaoke
  • Extensive browsing functions utilizing ID3 tag and custom information fields
  • Comprehensive mixer with all the features that you would expect from a traditional mixer (EQ, gain, crossfader)
  • Audio and video effects processors
  • Linking video to audio tracks for pre-selected visual enhancement to the audio
  • Sampler for recording and playing back audio clips on the fly ClipBank for playing back video clips on the fly
  • Smart and User-Defined (IN/OUT) Looping engine
  • Real-time recording of your mixes ( Audio and Video ) Real-time webcasting of your sessions

Additionally, VirtualDJ includes many innovative features to help you spend less time with the tedious, time-consuming aspects of DJing and mixing

VirtualDJ is available for both Windows & Mac. It can be downloaded from here:

Link: VirtualDJ

Reeder for Mac(Beta) – Awesome RSS reader is Out

Screen shot 2010-12-03 at 4.17.52 PM.png

Reeder is one of the famous iOS application, and for good reason: it makes Google Reader feel smooth and Mac-like. Now you can get a (really) early view at Reeder’s desktop version.

The developer of Reeder for Mac calls this release a “Draft 1,” and notes that some fairly core functions—search, feed management, download management—are missing, and that a lot more is likely missing, too. But Reeder’s core mission of running your feeds through a filter with good fonts, crisp alignment, and a generally iOS-like interface is being accomplished. The iPad-like “Send” button in the upper-right offers a whole lot of options for saving and sharing articles, and the layout is helpful for those who like to run through their feeds in groups.

It’s first Beta release so is not fully feature loaded. Authors points out few.

What’s still missing:

  • Feed management
  • Search
  • Downloads
  • Probably more…

But for a first Beta release it looks awesome

Reeder 1.0 Draft 1 is a free download for Mac systems only & can be downloaded from:

reeder.jpg Upcoming promising image host!

We daily come to know about new image hosting services opening and closing but looks really promising. It has pro web2.0 layout and has a lightening fast loading speed. The site offers fully jquerry powered most viewed, random images and real time updates to latest uploaded images. It has nice features like share the image in which the image will straight come to your 1 or more email addresses keeping it real private. Also the delete image option is  really handy as you sometime want to delete your secret images also :D.

The site also offers incredibly fast firefox plugin with which you can upload the images with a single right click. It gives you ability to write text, use pen, arrows and what not. You can also select and upload a part of your screen with it. Really fast and super easy to use!

The same features are for chrome plugin.

Really recommended site! A++ Quality.


Epic Browser – India’s First Own Browser

Hidden Reflex, a Bangalore-based software firm has launched a new web browser ‘Epic’, which is targeted at Indian audience. The browser was created on the open source Mozilla platform.

Epic supports a sidebar that allows creating documents in 12 regional Indian languages. Users can access latest national and regional news from popular publications and television channels, videos, stock quotes, live cricket scores, top music albums and local events.

Download From here:

Epic comes preinstalled with applications like facebook, Orkut, Gmail, games, file Backup, My Computer, a to-do-list, maps and so on. Epic also features Built in Antivirus, Malicious Website warnings and Anti-Phishing Protection.