Too much Spam on Facebook: HOW TO Stay Safe & Avoid Spam

avoid facebook spam

So we eat on Facebook, We love on Facebook, We Fight on Facebook, We upload pics on Facebook, We plan Event on Facebook….We Love Facebook. But of late we also get & forward(knowingly or unknowingly) Spam on Facebook. We all hate SPAM so here are few tips that will help us reduce the chances of getting & forwarding spam on Facebook. Stay safe & Spam free

If it is too good to be True, It is Untrue (Common Sense)

First thing first, Facebook doesn’t track profile visitors, All Profile Visitors Apps are fake.  OMG! Look at this, Oh! Boy you stalked me come see my “special pics” & things like that should ring warning bells in your head. Check if same message is getting posted on many friends & if many are getting Tagged(in pics or post), 95% of times common sense is all you need to avoid Spam

Never run any Script in your browser, No matter what it Claims To Do

A Script may claim to take out genie from a bottle, GIve you free iPad 5, make you millionaire….or simply Track your visitors, Find people having crush on you. While you are running that Script waiting for Genie to come out it is spamming your friends wall, messages, Chat messages etc. DON’T USE THEM

chat message forward click

Use Website Rating Application/Extension

Using good anti-malware, anti-phishing extensions will make not just Facebook but your overall Online experience safer. There are many Antivirus or Internet Security softwares that have them. My favorite among free ones is WOT, it supports almost all major browsers & Operating Systems.

wot free extension

Download WOT from here

Never Click on Short URLS

Always check where you are headed when you click on short URLs. Use sites like (It has Chrome extension) or Download Extension from here for Firefox. Again, it makes not just Facebooks but your overall online experience better & safer.


short to long url

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