Facebook Replaces Black Photo Viewer, Photos Are Bigger Too

Facebook has been busy this week, making a lot of changes. The latest in line is upgrade in photos.

The first change is related to resolution of photos, which are being shared. You can now share photos that are up to 960 pixels wide (up from 720 pixels) and photos will load twice as fast. Photos that you have already uploaded to Facebook will be displayed at the higher resolution too.

Facebook 960 pixels Photos








The next change is related to photo viewer, most of you might like it. Facebook has replaced its highly criticized black lightbox with a more pleasing white Lightbox. By moving to from a black to a white background, opening photos from the mostly white news feed should be less jarring. This could reduce fatigue from rapidly dropping in and out of the photo viewer and keep users browsing the site for longer.

Facebook Replaces Black Photo Viewer









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Facebook Redesign Profile Pages

Facebook has redesigned profile pages. A lot of changes have been made. Mainly, there are a lot more of photos and photos.

There are two big themes to the revamped design: a bigger emphasis on keeping things visually interesting, and streamlining the design to make it easier to find information people actually care about. Facebook Product Manager Peter Deng explains that on the old profiles, some of the most popular features and information has been a pain to find — the ‘View more photos’ link, for example, is immensely popular, but it’s been nestled between far less important links for years.

So it makes sense that first things you’ll notice on the new profile pages involve major layout changes. Your vital stats — birthday, employer, current city, and the all-important relationship status — are now featured at the top of the page. A photo stream appears just below it, showcasing a handful of the photographs you’ve most recently been tagged in (you can choose to ‘hide’ a photo that you don’t want to have in your stream, so there’s some flexibility with what shows up here).

Tab navigation is now taking place directly below the profile photo, which makes profiles look more similar to Place pages. Most of these tabs are self-explanatory: clicking ‘Questions’ will bring up that application, the photos tab brings up your photo albums and albums you’ve been tagged in (now with infinite scroll!) and so on.

The biggest change to these tab apps involves ‘Info’. This now looks totally different — the dozens of text links representing your Interests have been converted to images whenever possible, giving you a more visual overview of the person.

New Design:


You can activate the new design on http://www.facebook.com/about/profile/

Old Design:


[How to] Log out from Facebook on another machine

How many times it happens that we logged into our account from CyberCafe, library or from a friends computer and forgot to log out and feel scared later as it might be misused.

Google noted it first and came with the option of logging out of your account remotely. Now Facebook has introduced the same feature as well.

Facebook also offers more simplified details and also guesses the Location and device type from where the account was accessed making it easier.

Anyways to do it you need to follow these simple steps:

1) Log into your account

2) Click on Account -> Account Settings

Facebook security feature

3) Click on Change in Account Settings

facebook security

4) Check out All Activities and Click on End Activity that you want to end.

end activity

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