Search engine optimisation (SEO) tips and tricks

Business GraphSearch engine optimisation, or SEO as it’s commonly known is a vital part of any website development project. Nearly 75% of your website visitors will come from search engines, so it’s never been more important to make sure your website is ranked effectively. This article discusses some of the techniques used to optimise a website and explain why it’s important to keep it honest and not try to fool the search engines…

Tips To Prevent Your Orkut Account From Hacking

Normal user who are unaware of programming techniques can easily be victim of orkut account hacks. To avoid this follow the guidelines given below:

  • Never try to login/access your Orkut account from sites other than
  • Never click on any links from the sources you don’t trust while accessing your Orkut account.(or while accessing any other Google services like Gmail,Blogger etc.)
  • Delete any links on your scrapbook, no matter if a known or unknown person have sent it.